10 Things to do in St Vincent

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1. Jump right in
Grab a Snorkel and drop into the water at the bottom of the garden. Or take some bread and feed the tropical fish
soufriere volcano.jpg
2. Take it to the top
Climb the volcano. Take a guided tour up Soufriere, see the newly created moonscape from the April 2021 eruptions
Darkview falls.jpg
3. Natural shower
Take a fresh water dip in one of the many waterfalls of St Vincent
4. Strike out!
Each apartment has a double kayak to discover remote beaches around Blue Lagoon
5. Walk the walk
There are local walks taking in old sugar mills and the easy climb up to the Belmont Lookout at 1000ft or the circular Vermont nature trail through the rainforest
6. Touch the past
Discover the Petroglyphs and Rock art of St Vincent. Visit Layou Petroglyph park or take the coordinates and find some yourself
map grenadines.gif
7. Go island hopping
Visit the next island. Take a ferry and enjoy a different vibe on a day trip to Bequia, or hop on a fast ferry to the Southern Grenadines
8. Arrive in style
Put some dollars in a plastic bag and paddle to the local sunset beach bar from the bottom of the garden
9. From sea to plate
Take a 10 minute walk to the local fish market. Either buy fresh fish or go next door to the Four Shells and eat fresh fish
Sunset large_edited.jpg
10. Lose your senses
Try the local Sunset rum, if you dare. One of the strongest in the Caribbean at 169% proof. Don't plan to operate machinery afterwards!!