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Hiking St Vincent

Volcano Hike

The La Soufriere Volcano Windward Hike starts from Bamboo Range at an elevation of 1200 feet and climbs to an elevation of  3196 feet.  The track is in good condition and if time allows there is more to explore at the top.

Time: 2-5 hours depending on fitness

Difficulty: High

Notes: 2000ft climb, not technical but lots of steps.

Soufiere Volcano St Vincemt

Hell's Gate Waterfall Hike

Hell's Gate is located on the Rabbaca Dry River river, near Georgetown and is an amazing series of waterfalls carved into solid rock. It is a 15 minute hike to get to the waterfall basin and the waterfalls can be explored by short climbs up and down the short valley.  


Time: 1-2 hours

​Difficulty: Easy

Notes: Some scrambling up rocks 

Hells Gate waterfall St Vincent

Trinity Falls and Hot Springs

The Trinity Falls and Hot Springs Waterfalls hike is about 3 hours each way but well worthwhile. The hike starts on Richmond beach and follows the Wallibou River on the North West of the island in a gorge sandwiched between the lower slopes of the Volcano and Richmond Peak. The hike crosses the river several times. The first stop is the magnificent Trinity Falls and then hiking up river for another hour to the Hot Springs waterfalls.

Time: 6-8 hours

Difficulty: Challenging but rewarding

Notes:  Only active hikers should apply

Trinity Falls St Vincent

"Will Be Free" Waterfalls

The "Will Be Free" hike into the rainforest can include as many as 5 waterfalls and is about a mile long with the waterfalls being on tributaries of the main river.  Three of the waterfalls have pools that you can swim in. The area is also home to the Vincy Parrot.

Time: 1-3 hours depending on fitness

Difficulty: Medium

Notes: There are river crossings, so come prepared to get wet.

Will Be Free Waterfall St Vincent

Owia: Salt Pond and Waterfalls

Two experiences in one beautiful area. The Owia salt pond and the three waterfalls that are within 5 minutes walk. Swim in the salt pond and wash in the fresh water.

Time: 1-2 hours

Difficulty: Easy

Notes: Prepare to get wet

Owia Waterfall St Vincent

Table Rock and 3 Ponds Waterfall

Table Rock and Three Ponds Waterfall are in the Vermont Valley. The hike is 30 minutes each way. You first cross the area of the main Vermont river called Table Rock, a regular cook out spot and then walk into the rainforest up a tributary for 30 minutes to a magnificent triple waterfall.

Time: 1-2 hours

​Difficulty: Easy

Notes: Prepare to get wet 

Three Pond Waterfall, Vermont, St Vincent
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